Residential Lamp Post Services

Post Lights: The Perfect Lawn Accessory for Curb Appeal

There are numerous benefits to having a properly working light post on your property. Post lights create landscape lighting that shows off attractive features of your outdoor space. Use post lights for pathways, porches, gardens, or patio spaces and benefit from the ambient nighttime lighting.

Outdoor lighting can also keep your home safer during the night. With one or more post lights illuminating your lawn and walkways, you can deter potential prowlers and animals and stop them from loitering or trekking through your property. If you need installation, repairs, or other work done on your yard lights, call The Lampliter. We specialize in residential lamp post services.


Residential Lamp Post Services

Complete Lamp Post and Light Replacement

This Yard Light fell over due to corrosion  and heavy winds. We replaced with new post/light.

  • Remove existing lamp post and light (if necessary)
  • Install new post with photocell and convenience outlet (set in pea stone and concrete)
  • Install new lamp light (customer choice)

From $380

Lamp Light Replacement


  • Remove existing Lamp Light (if necessary)
  • Install new lamp light (customer choice)
  • Refinish Post (if necessary)

From $100

Lamp Post and Lamp Light Refinishing

We refinished the entire Lamp Post and Post Light

  • Refinish lamp post
  • Refinish lamp light
  • Clean glass
  • Install new LED light bulbs

From $100

Lamp Post and Light Cleaning

This Post Light and Lamp Post were cleaned of insects and dirt. Light bulbs replaced.

  • Remove dirt and insects from lamp light base
  • Clean glass
  • Wipe post
  • Install new LED light bulbs

From $35

Replace Photocell

The old photocell on this Lamp Post was removed and a new photocell was installed

  • Remove existing photocell
  • Install new photocell (photocell included)

From $70

Lamp Light Installation


  • Remove existing lamp light
  • Install lamp light (customer supplied)

From $50

Service Areas

We offer residential lamp post services to several locations throughout Central Indiana including:

  •  Carmel 
  •  Zionsville 
  •  Indianapolis 
  •  Fishers
  •  Westfield
  • And more!