Residential Lamp Post Replacement and Repair Services

As a homeowner, you want the exterior of your home to have the same curb appeal as the interior. From landscaping to lamp posts, the exterior presentation of your home is important! At The Lampliter, we work every day with homeowners who want the outside of their residence to really shine. That’s why we specialize in residential lamp post replacement and repair services—we can provide the necessary maintenance on an existing fixture or install a brand new one! 

When Does a Lamp Post Need Maintenance?

Most of the time you’ll be able to visually assess if you need to repair or replace a lamppost. Examine the fixture for the following issues:

  •  Burnt-out, dim, or flickering  bulbs
  •  Rust or cosmetic damage to the yard light fixture
  •  Exposed wiring or interior components visible on the exterior of the fixture


Sometimes the problems can run deeper into an electrical maintenance issue such as a broken circuit breaker, a faulty socket, or other problems. 

Lamp Post DIY


The great thing about yard lights is that minor problems can be fixed with a bit of do-it-yourself knowledge. For example, although we offer lamp light installation services, some of our customers choose to purchase the lamp post light directly from us and install it themselves! If the problem is a little more severe (for example, the entire fixture is faulty and needs replacement), that’s when it’s time to call in the professionals at The Lampliter. 

The Lampliter Lamp Post Replacement and Repair Services

At The Lampliter, we believe in providing the necessary lamp post replacement and repair services. As a family-owned and operated business, we want to be as honest and transparent with our customers as we would want contractors working on our own home! 


When you give us a call, we’ll work with you one-on-one to assess what repairs are needed. Then we’ll provide the recommended services so your home’s exterior shines. Our residential lamp post and repair services encompass everything from installation of new fixtures to refinishing and cleaning services. If you’re ready to add an extra glow to your home’s exterior call The Lampliter at 317-827-0250. You can learn more about individual lamp post installation, repair, and refinishing services here