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Landscape Lighting

Enhance the beauty and safety of your house with landscape lighting


What Type of Landscape Lighting is Right for You?

Boost your curb appeal and enjoy more of your home by installing landscape lighting designed to extend your living space and improve home security. Choose the right style of landscape lighting based on where you want it and what you want the added lighting to accomplish.

Outdoor Living Space Lighting

With the right lighting, you can transform your ordinary yard into the perfect oasis. If you plan to host get-togethers that last long after the sun goes down, you'll do best with ceiling or wall-mounted lights in the porch or patio area. To highlight your backyard's best features, post lights and accent lights can take your style a long way. Path lights are a must for outlining and illuminating walkways.

Security Lighting

Flood lights, with or without motion sensors, do even more to enhance your home security as well as the overall design. Flood lightsare typically designed to cover a wide area, making them the ideal choice for security lighting. These lights are made for installation on the garage, in side yards, and in backyards. In many cases, flood lights are equipped with motion sensors, photocell light sensors, or timers that allow them to save you energy but come to the rescue when you need them most.

Safety Lighting

Path and step lighting, as well as post lights, can be used to mark your driveway and entrances for safer travel. Path lighting is ideal to guide guests to your door and ensure secure footing. Step lighting is best for decks and stairs to be illuminate the steps and help prevent falls. Post lights are usually larger lamps and offer full 360 degree coverage around the area, lighting driveway edges, patios, and fences.

How to Create a Stunning Landscape Lighting Layout

You don't have to be a professional landscaper to create the perfect lighting layout in your outdoor living space. Start by sketching a plan of your vision, whether you want to create separately lit areas, such as a firepit, the swimming pool, and the porch. You may want your entire backyard to be as well-lit as your home is, so plan it out.

  • Focus on illuminating specific areas so you can create a look you'll love.
  • Put safety first by lighting pathways and stairs.
  • Choose directional lighting if you want to draw attention to a particular feature.
  • Pick adjustable lighting with the right types of bulbs to create ambiance.

Different outdoor living spaces require different types of lights. Remember:

  • LED bulbs are brighter, last longer, and use less energy than other types of bulbs.
  • Halogen bulbs produce high-intensity light.
  • Fluorescent bulbs offer bright, energy-efficient light, but don't last as long as LEDs.

Porch Lighting

Outdoor pendant lights - those that hang above porches and outdoor sitting areas — can create the illusion of higher ceilings. Flush-mounted ceiling lights provide a similar lighting effect, and are mounted against the ceiling so they don't hang like a chandelier does.

Deck Lighting

Post lights around the perimeter or wall-mounted outdoor lights attached to your home are ideal for illuminating a deck. Accent stairs with step lighting and consider adding post caps for a finishing touch.

Special Feature Lighting

Pools, walkways and other landscape features look better with the right evening and nighttime lighting. With directional accent lights for special features, you can create beautiful highlights in your yard that accent fountains and other water features, gardens and gazebos.

Build the Best Lighting Plan for Your Home

There are hundreds of different lighting styles and design themes to choose from when putting together the perfect landscape lighting system. Plan it out and choose the look you want for your yard. When you’ve got the lighting choices made, look around at our outdoor & patio furniture selection to help finish off your backyard layout. Accent with outdoor patio heaters, fire pits, or build out a patio kitchen with BBQ and outdoor cooking options. 

landscape lighting, uplights, accent lights, spots lights

landscape lighting, uplights, accent lights, spots lights

Residential landscape Lighting Services

Complete Lanscape Lighting Installation

Complete Lanscape Lighting Installation

Complete Lanscape Lighting Installation


  • Install transformer
  • Run and bury wire
  • Plan and install light fixtures

Landscape Light Replacement

Complete Lanscape Lighting Installation

Complete Lanscape Lighting Installation


  • Remove existing  Light (if necessary)
  • Install new light (customer choice)
  • Bury wire

Add Landscape Light

Landscape Light Reset

Landscape Light Reset


  • Run and bury additional wire
  • Install light

Landscape Light Reset

Landscape Light Reset

Landscape Light Reset


  • Remove light
  • Reconnect wires
  • Reset light