Outdoor wall Sconces

Enhance Curb Appeal with Outdoor Wall Sconces


Make the exterior of the home brighter and more inviting by flanking your front door or garage with outdoor wall sconces and adding outdoor sconce light fixtures next to your entry doors. These durable outdoor lighting fixtures can complement and accentuate the style of the home while providing safety lighting for walkways and porches.

Not all wall sconces are created equal, so check the scene for the options. There are thousands of outdoor sconce light fixture styles to choose from, created by hundreds of well known, trusted brands, which means you’re sure to find the look that matches your home. 

Outdoor wall sconces come in a wide array of available finish options. Outside wall sconces with shining metallics bring an eye-catching daytime glow, while black and white finishes provide a more subtle effect. Check out the rest of the property and take note of the existing color scheme and metallic finishes. Select an outside wall sconce finish that blends in with the existing look or stands out with gleaming flair. 


Exterior Wall Light/Sconce services

Wall Light Replacement


  • Remove exisiting wall light
  • Install new wall light (customer choice)
  • Install LED light bulb(s)

From $80 - Price will vary based on light fixture selected

Wall Light Refinish


  • Clean dirt and insects from light fixture 
  • Clean glass
  • Refinsh light fixture
  • Install new LED bulb(s)

From $50

Wall Light Cleaning


  • Clean dirt and insects from light fixture
  • Clean Glass
  • Install new LED bulb(s)

From $35


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