Kichler LED Short Stepped Dome Path Light – Bronze

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The 12V 2700K Short Stepped Dome and Path Light in Bronze provides an even pool of light around the fixture and has a 9-15V operating range so more fixtures can be added to the run without loss of light. This stepped dome path and spread light uses 2 Watts (3VA), providing 160 Lumens with an 80 Lumens per Watt efficacy. Perfect for illuminating sidewalks, stone pathways, walkways, and more.

  • Designed with LED technology for lasting illumination
  • Durable, solid, thick-wall cast brass construction withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Perfect for illuminating stone pathways, lawn walkways, patio perimeters
  • The path and spread light cap is 6.25 inches wide, and the fixture is 23.2 inches tall making it a good size to apply to areas such as a flower bed or walkway
  • This LED path light has a 9-15V operating range to be able to add more fixtures to a run without any loss in light output. It uses 2 Watts (3VA), providing 160 Lumens with an 80 Lumens per Watt efficacy.
  • It comes in a 2700K (warm white) color temperature, making it ideal for surroundings with warmer colors, like brown and cedar, natural colored walls, or stonework. Its also great for foliage that is red, orange, or yellow, such as oak trees
  • Use to illuminate sidewalks, stone pathways, and lawn walkways while adding a hint of intrigue to boulders and plant beds.
  • This professional grade 12V integrated LED fixture is sealed and fully encapsulated to safeguard from water ingression and the outdoor elements – helping to extend the life of the product.